ADR Bahamas is a registered professional programme with the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas.



All disputes must be resolved in a most efficient and cost-effective manner. Dispute resolution through the Court system is not the most appropriate avenue.

The Court system is not practical, nor it is it speedy; there is no confidentiality, and delays are inevitable. Matters take years to be determined, and not always to your liking. The many processes of ADR ensure resolutions which are faster, more cost-effective, less stressful, and in a more private environment. Unless specially ordered sealed, Court documents are a matter of public record.

Mediate or Arbitrate. The business and professional sectors are ready to go this route. Confidence, certainty, stability, privacy, fairness and efficiency give Arbitration value in every sphere of commerce. Flexibility, speed, confidentiality, resourcefulness, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance of relationships give Mediation value in every aspect of life. Both Arbitration and Mediation have a part to play in family matters. All ADR processes offer a partial or complete alternative to traditional court litigation for resolving disputes. An additional value to Mediation is that it is parties-driven. People can shape mutually acceptable (win/win) agreements.

Mediate or Arbitrate.

Agree to ADR, even if your matter is already in the Court system.

Remove it, and resolve it.